Our Expertise and Services

Our team of advisers will educate you on how to plan for life’s events.  With a combined experience of over 200 years there is not much we haven’t seen.

Maximizing Social Security

David Cowan– is an expert in this field with thousands attending his Maximize Your Social Security Workshops each year. He also trains CPA’s on the in’s and out’s of Social Security. With Social Security being the only source of constant income in retirement, David can show people how to receive tens of thousands in extra benefits. Plan to attend a workshop near you!

Stress-Free Retirement Planning

David Cowan– Let’s face it how many times do you retire in your lifetime? Dave has retired thousands of times with each and every client he has. There are plenty of hard working honest people out there that work very hard helping, encouraging and guiding people in creating wealth for retirement. For that job they deserve a well done, but when it comes to the distribution of that wealth they seem to what to use the same financial products. Using financial products that are designed for growing wealth don’t work well for the distribution of a consistent inflation adjusted worry-free retirement income. Retirees are looking for a dependable income and don’t want to worry when market conditions change and that’s exactly what happens when the stock market has to correct itself; they worry.  People who seek out Dave’s retirement advice are always concerned with running out of assets or income in retirement; people who become Dave’s retirement planning clients no longer have that as a concern. Dave shows his clients how to break down their retirement into 5 year segments (he refers to them as buckets of assets to cover 5 years of income needed). He shows them how to have a realistic goal for each 5 year period with the first bucket being the most conservative and the last bucket the most aggressive. Each client gets a personalized printed plan showing them how it will work and has a yearly review to monitor the plan and make adjustments as needed.

Dave shows people how to coordinate their Social Security and pensions with their assets to have a stress-free retirement. He also shows them how to get the most out of their retirement savings by doing some tax planning distributions. Check out Dave’s book on stress-free retirement.

Corporate Speakers and Educational Workshops (Contact Renee Cowan to schedule a workshop or Speaker) 

Any of our associates are available to speak on a variety of relevant financial subjects. – Social Security Maximization and Taxation – Medicaid Planning Protection – Estate and Probate – Tax Preparation for Retirees – Retirement Income Planning for Retirees – Be Mortgage Free in Ten Years or Less – Turn Your Retirement Account into a Tax Free Income – VA Pension Benefit/ Aid and Attendance – Final Expense and Advance Funeral Planning – Long-term Care Planning with and without long-term care insurance.

Long-Term Care

Armen Abrahamian – who is a very well-known long-term care adviser, works with our clients showing them various methods that can be used to protect assets from a long-term illness even if it’s last minute planning. There are many planning options to protect your hard earned assets. Armen has been endorsed by his local AAA Motor Club to guide it’s 500,000 members in long- term care protection.

Medical Coverage

Thomas Maercklein – works with our clients who are retired and looking into Medicare Advantage Plans or who are not yet eligible for Medicare and need Health Insurance Coverage. He is familiar with the new Obama Care plans available and the tax incentives that go along with them. Tom is an independent agent representing most major plans. He takes the time to educate clients on their health coverage options.

Business Planning

Tom Perrone – works with our business clientele and executives looking to plan their retirement with the use of specialty plans and products. Tom has guided many small business owners on how to use some of their profits to have a tax free retirement for life. He also helps small business owners in their succession planning.

Funeral Planning

James Cowan – works with our clients who are looks for Prearrangement Funeral. Jamie is a funeral director who knows the in’s and out of planning and can negotiate with the funeral homes for you.

Veterans Benefits

James Cowan – works with war time veterans and their widows in educating and helping them obtain a tax free benefit of $2,000 or more per month to help out with medical expenses.  He has helped my in-laws receive $1,976.00 per month to help with their in home care giver experience; we are forever in his debt for all he has done.

Legacy Planning

All our associates are well versed in legacy protection, as well as, ways to leave a probate and tax free legacy to your loved ones. We firmly believe that with a clear focused plan, that a client should be able to establish a hassle free and financially stable legacy. This is our goal. This is our passion.